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Playthings Magazine: What Works For Virtual Play?

When toy companies talk about new toy products, there’s often a lot of discussion around a toy’s play patterns. What is it about the toy that resonates with a child? What play patterns will the toy tap into? Will the play pattern extend across age and gender differences?

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Chicago Sun-Times: KizPlanet opens new worlds of possibility for kids

Virtual worlds are becoming so popular that toys now are serving as platforms to connect children to cyberspace communities, which brings a new level of toy safety into focus for toymakers — and parents. KizToys Inc. has taken a responsible role in developing a virtual world for children.

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Parry Game Preserve: Welcome to Toy Fair 2009!

Kiz Toys was founded with the goal of being a socially responsible company that makes safe, engaging products, providing kids with positive experiences and values that they carry with themselves into adulthood. The main revolution in their toy, which is a blend of physical product and online experience, is a safety abstraction layer which allows the child to go online and interact without any of their personal information needing to be exchanged.



Washington Times: Digital evolution displayed at toy fair

Technology plays an ever-expanding role in a child’s life, and toy companies are responding by incorporating more of it in their product lineups. The digital evolution of the toy industry was on full display at this year’s American International Toy Fair, where buyers pored over products from more than 1,000 companies and the aisles were stuffed with toys that combined technology with traditional play patterns.



Kiz Introduces KizSafe to Protect Children Online

Kiz®, the company that is revolutionizing the way children play both on- and offline, announces the introduction of KizSafe, a new technology that allows children to play, communicate and socialize in the digital landscape, out of harm’s way with complete anonymity.

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Dr. Benn Konsynski named to Kiz Toys Board of Advisors

Kiz Toys is working to change the way kids interact online, and to help achieve this goal the company has teamed up with Benn R. Konsynski, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading minds in technology research and implementation. Konsynski is the newest addition to Kiz Toys’ Board of Advisors, and he will advise the toy company in the development of Kiz Toys’ virtual world environment and the various levels of interaction that are part of the digital experience.

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Entertainment developer Kevin Ream joins Kiz Toys Board of Advisors

Kiz Toys is currently looking into various consumer arenas that compliment the Kiz Toys brand, and the toy company has teamed up with Kevin Ream for advice in this area. Ream joins the Kiz Toys Board of Advisors to help Kiz Toys analyze different strategies and develop and implement a range of consumer entertainment products that span several venues.

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Kiz Toys Board of Advisors welcomes Gary W. Dunwoody

Gary W. Dunwoody, an accomplished leader of the Shriners organization, has joined Kiz Toys’ Board of Advisors. He joins board members including hall of fame pitcher Phil Niekro, NHRA Pro Stock racing legend Warren Johnson and energy consultant Ray Johnson. In his position, Dunwoody will advise the toy company on matters concerning KizHope, the charitable wing of Kiz Toys.

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Ray Johnson named to KizEarth Board of Advisors

Ray Johnson recently became the first member of Kiz Toys’ KizEarth Board of Advisors. Johnson will consult with the company on alternative energy usage in the Kiz Toys virtual world, and his focus will be on nuclear power. The board will be comprised of industry experts from many alternative energy sectors, including solar, wind and hydroelectric, and members will be responsible for the accurate implementation of these technologies in the Kiz Toys Universe.

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Forsyth Herald: Talent draws Kiz Toys to area

Local talent in the Ga. 400 corridor helped bring Kiz Toys to the south Forsyth-Alpharetta area. “I think the main reason, we believe this to be a very attractive area for an up-and-coming company like this,” said Chris Moreau, chairman and CEO of Kiz Toys. “We believe it’s going to be a very attractive place to get a lot of good corporate type employees.”


Kiz Toys opens Creative Studio in Charleston, S.C.

On Monday, July 14, Kiz Toys officially opened the doors of its Creative Studio on Johns Island, S.C., in Charleston city limits. The Creative Studio will be responsible for designing physical toys, digital avatars of the toys, and all aspects of Kiz Toys gaming and virtual environments.

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Kiz Toys opens Corporate Office in Alpharetta

Kiz Toys has a new home. The toy company recently opened the doors of its new Corporate Office in Alpharetta, Ga. The office is in the Pointe Corporate office complex in The Meadows at Bluegrass on Shiloh Road.

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Kiz Toys creates KizEarth green initiative

Kiz Toys recently announced plans to launch KizEarth, an environmentally themed initiative that will that will be featured throughout Kiz Toys’ different product lines and promotional materials.

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Warren Johnson teams up with Kiz Toys

International Motorsports Hall of Fame Pro Stock driver Warren Johnson is joining the Kiz Toys’ Board of Advisors to consult on automotive aspects of KizMoto, Kiz Toys’ initial product line. Johnson brings more than 40 years of racing experience and mechanical expertise to KizMoto.

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Phil Niekro joins Kiz Toys Board of Advisors

Kiz Toys is proud to announce that Major League Baseball legend Phil Niekro has joined the Kiz Toys team. Niekro is the first member appointed to the Kiz Toys Board of Advisors, and he will be consulting with product developers concerning the KizSport baseball line.

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Kiz Toys receives great response at SCAD Career Fair

Kiz Toys executives continued recruiting for the company’s Creative Studio in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, April 4 at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Career Fair. The company’s top executives, including CEO Chris Moreau and COO Ashley Johnson, were present at the booth to conduct onsite interviews with perspective applicants.

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Stephen Johnson named Kiz Toys Chief Creative Officer

Kiz Toys, Inc. proudly announces the hiring of Stephen Johnson to the position of Chief Creative Officer. In his new capacity, Johnson will be responsible for overseeing all graphical design aspects for Kiz Toys, ranging from the company website, to toy design and advertising.

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MoJo VC LLC. launches Kiz Toys, Inc.

Today, venture capital group Mojo VC LLC. launched its brand-new toy company, Kiz Toys Inc. This company will develop innovative toys that push the technology boundaries of toy industry while also focusing on product and Internet safety.

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