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Ray Johnson named to KizEarth Board of Advisors

Ray Johnson recently became the first member of Kiz Toys’ KizEarth Board of Advisors. Johnson will consult with the company on alternative energy usage in the Kiz Toys virtual world, and his focus will be on nuclear power. The board will be comprised of industry experts from many alternative energy sectors, including solar, wind and hydroelectric, and members will be responsible for the accurate implementation of these technologies in the Kiz Toys Universe.

“Mr. Johnson has been a key figure in peaceful nuclear power development for a long time, and he has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the industry,” said Kiz Toys CEO Chris Moreau. “His knowledge will be a great benefit for the KizEarth board, and we know that he can help us educate kids on all kinds of alternative energy sources.”

In his professional career, Johnson oversaw the design and construction of the Oconee Nuclear Station in Seneca, S.C., and the Catawba Nuclear Station near York, S.C., where he was Reactor II project manager. The Oconee Nuclear Station has generated more than 500 million megawatt hours of electricity, and was the first nuclear station in the United States to achieve this milestone.

Johnson is currently a Vice President at the DZ Atlantic Group based in Norfolk, Va. The company maintains and modifi es condesnser valves on naval ships and at nuclear facilities, as well as provides labor services and staff augmentation. Johnson earned his degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

KizEarth is an environmentally-themed initiative that will be featured throughout Kiz Toys’ different product lines, games and virtual world environments. While the scope of environmental stewardship and sustainability is broad, one key aspect of the initiative is energy consumption. KizEarth will focus on all forms of viable energy production to educate kids about all the options that are currently available, and the ones in development that will power our future.