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Kiz Studios

Post and Courier: Charleston home to small but robust industry of video game developers

As the gaming industry is growing, Charleston is hopping aboard for the ride. In the Lowcountry, there are at least two major companies and a handful of individuals trying to tap into the profitable field. Among them are decade-old studio Kiz on Johns Island, an office of the Atlanta-based company, which has traversed from PC gaming for kids into the mobile market.



Dash Galactic Goes Global

Dash Galactic has secured global publishing partnerships for release worldwide, including China. Save the universe 3 minutes at a time! Team up with other players in real time for the hottest co-op action on mobile devices. Defend space stations, attack TOXON strongholds, and more as you help Dash defeat the galaxy’s baddest foes. Saving the universe isn’t easy, but when your friends join the fight, it’s a lot more fun!



Wonky Ship Blasts Off On Steam

The award winning, reflex-testing arcade game Wonky Ship has made the jump to PC, and is now available on Steam. A new set of exclusive Steam Achievements has been added to the game to celebrate the launch.



Inklings Mixes Word Game Fun with Candy Craving Madness

Quick wits and fast reflexes are the name of the game in Inklings, the latest release from Kiz Studios. Recently released worldwide on iOS, Android and Facebook, Inklings features cute little ink droplet characters, aptly named Inklings. These little balls of energy love candy, and it’s up to YOU to satisfy your Inkling’s sweet tooth.

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#1 Music Game DuelBeats Goes Global

Kiz Studios breakout hit music game, DuelBeats is now available worldwide exclusively on the App Store. DuelBeats is a competitive rhythm beat ’em up featuring 18 unique heroes, score modifiers, simple tap and swipe controls, and pulsating beats in genres like EDM, hip hop, and rock.



Kiz Studios Goes BOOM!

Kiz Studios has released it’s latest game into the wild. Blast through Boom Town in a fast paced frenetic endless arcade smasher that’s guaranteed to make you Go Boom! Your goal is total destruction. Why? Because smashing is fun, that’s why! Boom Battle in VS mode with up to 9 players all vying for the top spot in the Boom Town Arena.



Fight for Might on Steam!

Kiz Studios is excited to announce their Multiplayer RPG Battler Might & Mayhem is now available on Steam. The game arrives with 80+ playable characters and over 100+ equipment items to customize fighters.



Little Bigfoot Strikes Again with Giant iOS Exclusive Update

Proving that size does matter, the Kiz Studios mobile game Little Bigfoot just got a lot bigger with a giant update exclusive to iOS devices. iPhone and iPad users will discover six new playable creatures with all new abilities. There’s the lovable Loch Nessie, the Werewolf (A.K.A. Larry), Skunk Ape, Grassman, Swamp Monster, and the rogue S.O.C.K.S. founder Dr. Argyle Socks.



Wonky Ship Featured on Plunder League

Reflex-testing arcade mobile game, “Wonky Ship” is now featured on Plunder League, the pioneering mobile eSports platform. Players can win real cash prizes by installing the Plunder League app on their iOS mobile devices and completing the goals outlined for the Wonky Ship tournament.



Dash Galactic’s Latest Update Warps in on Google Play

The co-op action game sensation, “Dash Galactic” has warped in a massive update with new Wormhole Events along with a shiny new intuitive in-game user interface. The Wormhole Events are exclusive global in-game events that begin when players collect enough Wormhole Tokens.

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Little Bigfoot Heads Down Under in “Way Outback” Update

Epic adventure awaits with “Little Bigfoot,” the mobile game where you use stealth and guile to collect and play with a host of mythological creatures. Currently available in open beta on the Google Play App Store and in select countries on iOS and Amazon, “Little Bigfoot” has added a new character, the pudgy yet swift Yowie, as well as the the “Way Outback” world map.

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Pocket Gamer Features Dash Galactic

With the launch of Clash Royale last January, it could be said that 2016 was the year of synchronous mobile multiplayer. But until now, playing with other humans in real-time has been largely restricted to competitive PvP modes. This is what Atlanta-based developer Kiz Studios is keen to address with its upcoming co-op multiplayer shoot-’em-up Dash Galactic…



Idle Your Way To Hero Status In ‘Heroes Of Havoc’ Now Available on STEAM

Kiz Studios is proud to announce their genre pioneering Idle RPG, Heroes of Havoc is now available on STEAM™. There is also a DLC pack available to give players a head start with their clicking. STEAM™ players can expect to see frantic action, high-resolution battle scenes and sleek animations that have been optimized for the PC gaming experience.



Wonky Ship – Apple’s “Must Have Game”

There’s a flood of new games coming into the App Store at any given moment, but unless you’re a kid, you probably don’t have time to check all of them out and decide which ones are worth your time. Luckily, Apple has released a shortlist of the 10 games the company thinks you should have on any new iPhone…



Word Duels Launches on iOS

May the fastest fingers win! Exclusively on iOS, “Word Duels” is the new mobile game that turns texting with friends into a competition of speed and skill. Players go head-to-head to see who can accurately type the most words in 30 seconds, and the winner earns rewards and — most importantly — bragging rights.

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MCV/DEVELOP-Studio Spotlight: Kiz Studios

Develop catches up with the mobile gaming powerhouse, Kiz Studios. The interview includes discussions of the company’s history, the PlayStation 4 title Trans-Galactic Tournament, and how discovering the Unity Engine was a game changer.



KizStudios – Dash Galactic named “App of the Week”

MicroMart recently awarded its “App of the Week” to Dash Galactic, the mobile game from Kiz Studios. “Where are the console-like games?” the magazine asks of Android gaming. “Where are the multi-player hack and slash, modern day ‘Gauntlet’ variants? Kiz Studios may have the answer in its new, top-down, semi- isometric title: ‘Dash Galactic.’” In its review, “Dash Galactic” is described as “a fun Android title. More importantly, it’s a game that actually feels akin to something you’d find on a console.”



Might & Mayhem battles its way onto the Amazon App Store

Starting today, Kindle owners can get a taste of the fast-and-fun action game, Might & Mayhem, which has now launched on the Amazon App Store. Might & Mayhem, available for the Kindle Fire, Fire HD and Fire HDX, challenges you to gather a team of adventurers and battle your friends for fortune and glory. Earn experience, level up your party and take on epic quests!

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Wonky Ship in Apple’s Best Games of 2015

Apple has published its annual Best of 2015 charts for the App Store, iTunes and iBooks Store, naming live video platform Periscope its App of the Year and Tomb Raider puzzler spinoff Lara Croft GO its Game of the Year. The Kiz Studios game Wonky Ship is named the 16th best game of the year!



Kiz Studios is bringing TGT to the PlayStation Experience

Get ready to check out the ultimate sci-fi multiplayer brawler at PlayStation Experience this year – as Kiz Studios is bringing Trans-Galactic Tournament to the show! We’ll be showing Trans-Galactic Tournament in Booth # 2059 both days of the show, and would appreciate you coming by to jump into some frenzied multiplayer battles!

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Big Battles with a Halloween Twist Come to Might & Mayhem

A very haunting Halloween is coming to the Lost Kingdom, as Kiz Studios has launched a spooky content update for their PvP arena combat game, Might & Mayhem. The immortal villain Dracula brings the Might AND the Mayhem with a brand-new Alliance Raid and a set of hauntingly unique items to collect! The horror continues in a spooky new World Event featuring two brand-new playable fighters.

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Wonky Ship is Here — The Hardest Game of the Year Arrives on Android

Can you escape the most powerful threat in the universe? Do you have what it takes to skillfully pilot a starship as it avoids the powerful gravity of a black hole? Those are the questions, and challenges, of Wonky Ship — Kiz Studios’ new title for Android, released today on Google Play Store.

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Wonky Ship Released on iOS

Available now from Kiz Studios is Wonky Ship, a game that (hyper)challenges your ability to dodge the most dangerous threat in the universe — a ravenous black hole. Test your fast-firing reflexes as you power up the ship’s thrusters to avoid the black hole’s gravity. It won’t be easy — your ship will bounce, spin and careen around the screen if you apply too much thrust, and a cold black doom awaits you at the core of the vortex.

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React & Match with HALOS – Now Available on iOS

HALOS, the free react-and-match mobile game from Kiz Studios, is now available exclusively for iOS devices. Simple but addicting, HALOS is the ultimate reflex challenge. It seems easy at first — just guide the falling rings to their matching bases before they shatter. But as more colors are added and rings start falling faster, players will either short-circuit their brains or enter a zen-like state of hypermatching bliss.

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PlayStation Blog: 7 Weird Things About TGT, Open Beta Starts Today

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is launching its Open Beta in the Americas today, but before you head to PlayStation Store to start breaking skulls and causing mayhem, we gotta share some of the surprises you’ll find in Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4. We’re out to change your idea of what a battle arena game can be, so mow down your jungle and pave your lanes — here’s the top 7 weird things that make TGT the fastest, wildest battle arena game in the universe.



Multiplayer Battler – “Trans-Galactic Tournament” Launches Open Beta on PS4

Choose your Champion and dive headlong into the frenzied multiplayer arenas of Trans-Galactic Tournament, the PlayStation®4-exclusive battler, launching today in a free open beta across North America. Now is your chance to get an early taste of the game, which features 10 awesome champions, 100 unique power-ups and six insane…and dangerous…arenas to challenge your skills as your team battles to overwhelm the opposition across three gameplay modes.

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PlayStation Blog: TGT brings Free-to-Play MOBA action to PS4

“What if the Star Wars cantina starred in an 80’s cartoon, which suddenly broke out into a football match, which suddenly broke out into Wrestlemania?” It’s a weird start to a design document, but the Tournament’s universe is everything we love: monsters, space and sports, clenched together in a fist and ready to punch the lights out of the world of online multiplayer games.



Critter Escape! Launches on Bemobi Platform

Two years after the release of the mobile hit Critter Escape!, Kiz Studios is still finding ways to get the game in front of new users. Most recently, Kiz launched the stealth puzzle game on Bemobi, a subscription-based app store that offers carriers, developers and consumers a better alternative for best-in-class Android mobile apps.

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Charleston City Paper: Kiz Studios is quietly changing the online gaming landscape

On Maybank Highway, close to Wild Olive, sits a road called Bluebird. Although “road” may not be the appropriate word. It’s more of a gravel-covered break in the trees. It’s the kind of street where, when you turn down it, you hear roosters crowing in the not-too-terribly-far distance. It’s the kind of street where you wonder if your GPS isn’t, perhaps, leading you somewhere to kill you.



Kiz Studios Releases Might & Mayhem Worldwide on iOS & Android

With shields ready and swords drawn, Kiz Studios unleashes Might & Mayhem, the first multiplayer mobile battle game built for the masses! Featuring quick turn-based combat and simple character leveling, even casual players will have fun stomping through single player quests and smashing heads in live PvP battles

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Engadget: Smashmuck Champions now on Steam Early Access

If you were intrigued by our hands-on with new MOBA Smashmuck Champions at PAX Prime last week, we’ve got good news. The title is now available via Steam’s early access program, according to a Kiz press release. The “program helps to further Kiz’s commitment to open development, bringing the fans and players into the creation process to tweak, refine, and suggest new ideas that are incorporated into the game.”



Polygon: How SMC hopes to give the MOBA genre a speed boost

Kiz Studios, creators of free-to-play multiplayer battle arena SmashMuck Champions, are trying to avoid “making Dota” by speeding up gameplay and involving the community, art director Allen White told us at PAX Prime 2013. According to White, Dota continues to act as the template for the genre. When the indie developer began working on SmashMuck Champions, it sought to stray away from other titles by taking a fast-paced track.



Gamezone: Kiz Studios Discusses SMC community-created champ, Platimus

Kiz Studios, the developer behind the MOBA SmashMuck Champions, takes community feedback to another level. Their newest champion is Platimus the Platicorn – a part-platypus, part-unicorn champion that charges into battle with a swarm of his vicious Puggle offspring. What makes Platimus special is that he was created and designed by the SmashMuck Champions community during a panel at PAX East.



Mashable: 10 Best Indie Games From PAX East

SmashMuck Champions: The MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre is known for being treacherous and unwelcoming to new players. But Kiz Games hopes to remedy this with its upcoming MOBA SmashMuch Champions. SmashMuck is a colorful title that easily introduces new players to this hectic style of gameplay. Its other claim to fame is that matches take around 10 minutes, letting casual players hop in and out quickly. The game is in beta now, and available through Steam.



The Creators of Critter Escape Bring You Mix-A-Muck!

Dragons! Robots! …a chicken? You’ve met your match with Mix-A-Muck, the latest mobile title from Kiz Studios (Kiz). The creators who brought you Critter Escape announce their next mobile title to launch today for iOS and coming to Android later in the week.

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Kongregate adds SmashMuck Champions to its portal

Online game portal Kongregate has expanded beyond the confines of the web browser, today announcing the launch of a free-to-play downloadable games section on its website. The first bunch of titles to take advantage of the new platform are Super Monday Night Combat from Uber Entertainment, Smashmuck Champions from Kiz Studios, and Bomb Buddies from Balanced Worlds.



Johnsons Team With Kiz Studios For Seasons Final Two Races

Six-time Pro Stock world champion Warren Johnson and his likewise accomplished son, 40-time national event winner Kurt Johnson, have announced their marketing partnership with the groundbreaking online gaming company Kiz Studios for the season’s two remaining races — the Big “O” Tires NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas and the Auto Club NHRA Finals in Pomona.



Critter Escape Goes FREE on Google Play

Critter Escape, the first of many mobile titles from indie developer, Kiz Studios, goes live on Google Play FREE! Guide your critter through fully 3D rendered environments in this fast-paced Maze Chase game as you flee from the evil clutches of Welk Industries, finding hidden objects and making your escape!

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AppSpy: Critter Escape Review

Isn’t it always the way. You’re some weird anthropomorphic creature minding your own business chasing butterflies in a field, when you’re captured by scientists and probed for study, only to have to sneak and attack your way to freedom. Critter Escape is a line drawing sneak game, popularized by such titles as Spy Mouse, in which you must draw a line to move your critter around the guards and to the exit. What this title brings to the table are challenge based stars, a host of interesting power-ups, and the ability to forgo the entire stealth approach, hulk out, and smash your opposition to bits.



148Apps: Critter Escape Review

When I previewed Critter Escape! a few months ago I came away fairly impressed. However I did only spend a few minutes playing it. Now that I’ve spent much, much longer hightailing it through Welk Tower I’ve developed a clearer picture of the critter’s plight and while a few cracks in the armor have been found it’s still quite sturdy.



AppAdvice: Critter Escape Review

Critter Escape ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a fun strategic stealth game, similar to the likes of Spy Mouse. Can you help these cute critters escape to freedom? When you first start out, the game will greet you with a mandatory cutscene of our main critter, who is in a peaceful meadow, just trying to catch a butterfly. Unfortunately, he gets captured instead, and placed into a secret research facility — who knows what things they have in store for this innocent creature! So that’s what you must do — help our little friend escape the facility before it’s too late.



DeNA to Launch Kiz Studios First Mobile Title, Critter Escape

DeNA Co., Ltd., Japan’s leading mobile social gaming platform operator, and Kiz Studios (U.S.A.) Inc., an independent entertainment and gaming studio, have announced today that DeNA will launch the studio’s first mobile title, Critter Escape. The game is now available on the Google Play Store through DeNA Group’s Daum Mobage social gaming platform in South Korea.