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Dash Galactic’s Latest Update Warps in on Google Play

The co-op action game sensation, “Dash Galactic” has warped in a massive update with new Wormhole Events along with a shiny new intuitive in-game user interface. The Wormhole Events are exclusive global in-game events that begin when players collect enough Wormhole Tokens.

Strange wormhole creatures will now appear inside of regular missions — if players can kill them fast enough, they’ll receive a Wormhole Token. Every collected Token counts toward the global count; the more tokens players collect, the quicker they unlock the next Wormhole Event, giving them access to special bonuses, soft currency, creds and loot.

“The gameplay in Dash is about teamwork and powering up your allies,” said Samantha Stelter, Technical Producer at Kiz Studios. “Wormholes deliver this perk to the whole community. They are powered by the players collective actions. When they open, every player gets to enjoy the rewards.”

The Wormhole update also includes new leaderboards and related achievements, and a colorful update to the user interface, with a new in-game HUD and an exciting new loot screen.
So gear up, grab your friends and save the Known Universe today! Download the latest version NOW in the Google Play Store.

About Dash Galactic:

Save the universe three minutes at a time! Team up with other players in real time for the hottest co-op action on mobile devices!

• F2P Sci-Fi Action Adventure
• Live 3-Player Co-Op with Offline Play
• Collectable Items for Customization
• Use Powerful Synergy Abilities
• Never Miss Out on Cool Items
• Unique Loot System that Rewards Teamwork