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React & Match with HALOS – Now Available on iOS

HALOS, the free react-and-match mobile game from Kiz Studios, is now available exclusively for iOS devices. Simple but addicting, HALOS is the ultimate reflex challenge. It seems easy at first — just guide the falling rings to their matching bases before they shatter. But as more colors are added and rings start falling faster, players will either short-circuit their brains or enter a zen-like state of hypermatching bliss.

Highlights of HALOS:

• 100% Free to Play
• Jump in and play instantly — a game with no learning curve
• Earn points to score big and dominate the global leaderboard
• Sharpen your skills with a variety of levels and challenges
• Share and compete with Facebook friends
• Enjoy energetic music with simple, gorgeous visuals
• Zone out and free your mind to achieve pure reaction zen

For truly dedicated players, the game offers an array of levels with new and increasingly difficult challenges. There’s also a way to slow things down for a brief period of peaceful, slow-n-easy matching, which is available at the start of each round.

And for colorblind players, Kiz Studios has created a solution that allows players to eliminate difficult color combinations for a wide variety of common color pairings.