Our Team

Executive Leadership

Chris Moreau

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As You42’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Moreau leads the company’s product development and technology strategy. Prior to co-founding Kiz Toys in 2007 with Ashley Johnson, Chris held senior IT management positions, directing global technology for some of America’s largest companies such as Sara Lee, Wachovia Bank, and Blockbuster. Subsequent to his corporate career, he garnered considerable entrepreneurial success founding and selling several tech startups. Chris sets the vision for You42 by identifying market opportunities and conceptualizing technological solutions while also building partnerships that advance the mission of You42.

Ashley Johnson

Founder, President, and Chief Content Officer

As President, Ashley works closely with Chris to translate corporate strategy into action plans, and also develops key performance indicators to evaluate company operations. As Chief Content Officer, Ashley maps out short-term and long-term content strategies for the You42 social entertainment platform. He leads the development of initiatives that ensure all You42 originals, exclusives, and features meet You42 brand standards, while also overseeing the recruitment and signing of social influencers as well as the process of onboarding their content to the You42 platform.

Alice Thacker

Director of Operations

Alice is responsible for spearheading strategies that steer You42 in a positive direction. She designs and implements processes that optimize operational capabilities and safeguard company assets, while also leading the financial team in compiling budgets. Communicating company vision is a key responsibility, as is defining and promoting corporate culture. Alice joined You42 as VP of Operations, bringing over 10 years of experience managing fundraising campaigns and large-scale events in the non-profit sector.

You42 Staff

Samantha Booth
VP Content Development
Drew Allen
Communications Director
Joshua Chase
Sr. Network Relations
Hezzie Green
Network Manager
Corey McClammy
Network Manager
Yasmeen Hill
Studio Operations
Jordan Glindomrong
Digital Content Operations
Bobby Emefiele
Channel Manager
Jarrett Milton
Network Manager
Stephen Johnson
Creative Director