You42 Inc is a pioneering company focused on rebooting an ailing entertainment industry. Our online portal allows our partner artists, entertainers, and creators to maintain true control of their content for the very first time. As creators ourselves, we provide a new, but proven, way to distribute and monetize entertainment around the world, allowing artistry to evolve as it is intended. You42 fosters creativity and collaboration, so fans can discover and consume entertainment in new ways.

Starting out nine years ago as a video game and CGI animation company named Kiz Studios, we developed our first trans-media property, Planet Muck . This led us to envision a world where all verticals of entertainment could thrive and grow under our proven proprietary model of distribution and monetization. We know the time is right to launch a solution that will control piracy and monetize free content.

Our mission is nothing short of revolutionizing the global creative community through the launch of the world’s first social entertainment network.

Our History

The Beginning
  • Chris Moreau and Ashley Johnson team up to build Kiz Moto, initially focused on high quality toys with engines; cars, trucks, airplanes, etc., tied to an online social digital gaming experience with Pixar® quality graphics.
Kiz Toys, Inc.
  • The company changes its official name to Kiz Toys, Inc. as it continues to expand its toy offering to cross vertical markets such as action figures, games, video and other products.
  • Company files for its first patent AnonyGuard utilizing proprietary technology to protect children while accessing the Internet.
New Locations
  • Corporate office in Atlanta, GA is opened to house global operations and sales.
  • First studio opens in Charleston SC – focused on CGI animation – to begin work on initial intellectual property Planet Muck.
Market Introduction
  • First global office opens in China for manufacturing relations.
  • Products debut at the International Toy Fair in New York City. Over 67 major media sources cover the event.
  • Retail sales division launches and secures toy distribution deals with big box stores such as Toys-R-Us, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.
  • Online gaming division launches and scores two “Top 100” titles.
New Growth
  • Mobile gaming studio launches in Charleston SC, expanding outreach to the Apple iPhone.
  • MOBA gaming studio launches in Charleston SC, expanding outreach to the PC/Mac market.
  • Animation division launches, focusing on web, television and cinematic content to support the Planet Muck IP.
  • Corporate name change to Kiz Studios, to better represent the expansion into the entertainment industry. Second patent is filed: 3D Motion View.
  • Mobile app, Muck Comics, releases – with Jagex partnership out of the UK.
  • Worldwide mobile publishing deal is signed with Electronics Arts / Chillingo for Critter Escape on Apple iPhone.
  • Worldwide mobile publishing deal is signed with DNA for Critter Escape on Google Android devices.
  • MOBA title SmashMuck Champion launches in beta on PC/Mac.
  • Strategic agreement with Disney® is signed.
Launch Launch Launch
  • Electronic Arts launches Critter Escape world wide on iPhone.
  • DNA launches Critter Escape world wide on Android®.
  • Second mobile title Mix-A-Muck is launched on iPhone and Android®.
  • GameStop partnership formed and SmashMuck launches on Kongregate.
  • Samsung partnership formed for Smart TV distribution.
  • LG partnership formed for Smart TV distribution.
  • Second gaming studio opens in Atlanta, GA.
  • Ziosk partnership announced for restaurant entertainment distribution.
  • Planet Muck debuts at MIPCOM.
  • Closed beta of Planet Muck launches at PAX Prime.
  • SmashMuck debuts at PAX for Steam launch.
  • Valve partnership is announced and SmashMuck launches on Steam.
  • Chuck The Muck is released, reaching Number One game in nine countries.
  • Initial development for You42 begins.
  • US Patent and Trademark office issues patent for AnonyGuard.
  • Halos mobile game launches.
  • Sony® agreement for new console game announced.
  • New mobile title, Might & Mayhem, launches.
  • Company launches new mobile title, Jiggle Watts.
  • You42 entertainment platform unveiled.
  • New office opened for You42 in Atlanta, GA.
  • You42 expands company’s reach via Music, Sports, Words and Video divisions.
  • Lab42, new gaming and research studio opens in the UK.
  • You42 Radio based out of Los Angeles, CA is acquired.
  • LyrikMachine based out of Princeton, NJ is acquired.
  • Samsung agreement announced for Carnival program.