You42 Networks unites established brands with the influence of modern creators. Through this partnership, brands can deliver the fresh, episodic content that audiences crave. Meanwhile, creators can leverage name recognition to rise above the noise and increase discoverability.

Stop Feeding the Beast

The traditional entertainment business model is broken. Determined to stop feeding the beast, we have dedicated years to working directly with creators, reimagining a more equitable system that bypasses streaming fragmentation and opens new avenues for monetization.


You42 Networks gives brands complete control over their content, distribution and monetization. You can customize the experience for your fans and expand your audience through bi-directional discovery, onboarding influential content creators that complement your brand.


Some of today’s most talented creators are still getting lost in the mix of outdated distribution systems. You42 Channels gives creators complete control, increasing discoverability and revenue streams by partnering with established Networks.

Curated Discovery

You42 is all about creators. No matter how many fans you have, Networks lets you regain control of everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Instead of vanishing into the ether, your content becomes part of a curated ecosystem that finally unites creators, fans and brands.