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Wonky Ship Released on iOS

Available now from Kiz Studios is Wonky Ship, a game that (hyper)challenges your ability to dodge the most dangerous threat in the universe — a ravenous black hole. Test your fast-firing reflexes as you power up the ship’s thrusters to avoid the black hole’s gravity. It won’t be easy — your ship will bounce, spin and careen around the screen if you apply too much thrust, and a cold black doom awaits you at the core of the vortex.

Wonky Ship is ready to test your mettle (and it’s free to download!) on the App Store!

About Wonky Ship

Wonky Ship is a fast-paced reflex-testing game where your task is simple — keep your spaceship from falling into the black hole. By using simple touch-based thruster controls, you’ll accelerate your ship, trying to gain enough momentum to keep yourself out of the black hole’s gravity for as long as possible. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score!