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Wonky Ship is Here — The Hardest Game of the Year Arrives on Android

Can you escape the most powerful threat in the universe? Do you have what it takes to skillfully pilot a starship as it avoids the powerful gravity of a black hole? Those are the questions, and challenges, of Wonky Ship — Kiz Studios’ new title for Android, released today on Google Play Store.

For its release on Android, Wonky Ship has received some new features, including:

– Weekly leaderboards where you can challenge friends for the highest score
– Players can earn in-game currency to spend on new ships, score big and earn big!
– Inverted control option

About Wonky Ship

Wonky Ship is a fast-paced reflex-testing game where your task is simple — keep your spaceship from falling into the black hole. By using simple touch-based thruster controls, you’ll accelerate your ship, trying to gain enough momentum to keep yourself out of the black hole’s gravity for as long as possible. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score!