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Warren Johnson teams up with Kiz Toys

International Motorsports Hall of Fame Pro Stock driver Warren Johnson is joining the Kiz Toys’ Board of Advisors to consult on automotive aspects of KizMoto, Kiz Toys’ initial product line. Johnson brings more than 40 years of racing experience and mechanical expertise to KizMoto.

“Mr. Johnson is royalty in the racing community; he is one of the most respected drivers and engineers of all time,” said Chris Moreau, Kiz Toys CEO and co-founder. “Having him on the KizMoto team is an honor for our company. There aren’t many people that possess the wealth of automotive knowledge that Mr. Warren brings to the table, and we are excited to work with him.”

Johnson holds six National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Stock championships and 96 wins in national events, the most in NHRA history. He also has 136 No. 1 qualifying positions. After rejoining the NHRA circuit in 1982 and scoring three first-place wins, Johnson began a 22-year streak of winning at least one race each year, a NHRA record. He was also the first Pro Stock racer to achieve a top speed over 180, 190 and 200 mph, respectively.

While his skills as a driver are evident, Johnson is best known for his phenomenal mechanical and engineering abilities, which earned him the title of “The Professor.” While his specialty is his work with internal combustion and building record-setting engines, he also introduced the funny car-style roll cage to Pro Stock and perfected the five-speed planetary transmission.

In 2001, Johnson was honored as one of the NHRA’s top 50 drivers at the organization’s 50 th anniversary event. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2007.