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Kiz Toys creates KizEarth green initiative

Kiz Toys recently announced plans to launch KizEarth, an environmentally themed initiative that will that will be featured throughout Kiz Toys’ different product lines and promotional materials.

“Since education is already at the forefront of our company, environmental education is a natural step,” said Kiz Toys CEO and co-founder Chris Moreau. “Environmental sustainability is an issue that increasingly resonates with the public, and we want KizEarth to help forward that cause not only by showing kids how to “go green,” but also by teaching them how to enjoy the world they are protecting.”

KizEarth will have a presence in each KizToys product line, including the initial product line, KizMoto. In KizMoto, KizEarth will promote fuel efficiency and educate kids on the environmental effects of vehicle emissions. There will be a focus on alternative fuels, efficient engine designs and how they fit into environmental sustainability.

As Kiz Toys’ product offerings increase and diversify, KizEarth will adapt along with the new products to explore different aspects of environmental education, expanding the program over time.

There are also plans to release a product line dedicated to KizEarth. This line will feature products that encourage kids to get outside and learn more about the world around them. The KizEarth product line will include plants such as vegetables, flowers and trees that come with detailed planting and care instructions. It will also include various outdoor games and accessories that help kids enjoy the outdoors while learning about the environment.