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“Trans-Galactic Tournament”- Multiplayer Mayhem on PlayStation 4 Coming in June

10 champions…100 unique power-ups…3 gameplay modes…limitless multiplayer battling action! Welcome to the world of Trans-Galactic Tournament, the online class-based multiplayer battler coming for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system this summer.

Trans-Galactic Tournament, currently in development by Kiz Studios and Hibernum Creations, offers fast and furious 4-versus-4 combat in a stylized sci-fi universe. Pick and equip your champion, jump into the arena and destroy your enemies in this free-to-play multiplayer battler! Trans-Galactic Tournament will release this summer exclusively on the PlayStation 4, starting with an open beta launching in late June for North American PS4 gamers.

About Trans-Galactic Tournament:

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is fast-and-furious online multiplayer battler that combines action, skill and strategy to create fast-paced and non-stop player-blasting mayhem. TGT offers something for both newcomers and veterans of online battlers. A quick- to-learn skill tree combined with plenty of in-depth strategy and a huge variety of characters and arenas ensure nearly endless hours of fun for players!

Utilizing the DUALSHOCK®4 controller, players will be able to execute lighting fast ambushes, killer combos and awesome team tactics in a whole new and highly intuitive way.