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Multiplayer Battler – “Trans-Galactic Tournament” Launches Open Beta on PS4

Choose your Champion and dive headlong into the frenzied multiplayer arenas of Trans-Galactic Tournament, the PlayStation®4-exclusive battler, launching today in a free open beta across North America. Now is your chance to get an early taste of the game, which features 10 awesome champions, 100 unique power-ups and six insane…and dangerous…arenas to challenge your skills as your team battles to overwhelm the opposition across three gameplay modes.

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is about thrilling 4v4 team strategy and frantic kill-or-be-killed action. The game’s three modes all offer something different than other multiplayer battlers you’ve played before. Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag meets Thunderdome. Conquest is a many-headed Hydra mutation of King-of-the-Hill, where the challenge isn’t capturing Control Points, it’s keeping them – and Annihilation (our version of Deathmatch), well, Champions have fists for a reason.

TGT’s combat is a full-on attack-fest, filled with non-stop action! A well-timed attack can blast an opponent over a ravine for a one-hit kill, and the best players can parkour over obstacles with well-timed jumps- or even use opponents as platforms to reach shortcuts or chase down fleeing enemies! Every option is tightly balanced: whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, victory’s only factor is how you play. There’s no in-match levelling; instead, Champions are customized outside of battle to suit your unique play style.

Trans-Galactic Tournament will release this summer exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in North America. Stay tuned for additional news about our world-wide release.