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Kiz Studios Releases Jiggle Watts Worldwide on iOS & Android

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS JELLY? Kiz Studios is sticking a fork in the proverbial toaster, delivering a much needed jolt to mobile puzzlers with the release of Jiggle Watts, a colorful game of deliciously charged matches and lightning fast reflexes.

Packed with over 90 levels, Jiggle Watts offers a shockingly unique arcade puzzle experience, powered by a cast of cute little jelly jigglers bursting with personality. In addition to Quest Mode, there’s a Free Play Mode with Daily Challenges and Rewards. Also, with the Friend Assist Feature players can request help if they get stuck on a level, or come to the rescue when their friends get in a jam.

“With Jiggle Watts, we took several classic game styles, mixed them together, and then threw in a few twists,” said Lead Developer, Eric Robinson. “And with our Friend Assist feature, you’re never going to be stuck for too long on a level you can’t beat. Just request a little help your friends and sit back while they take care of business for you.”

#ThatsMyJam! Jiggle Watts is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and available now on iOS and Android!

Jiggle Watts features:

● Surprisingly Unique Mix of Puzzle Game Styles
● Quest Mode with over 90 Brain-Busting Levels
● Friend Assist Feature to Request Help or Rescue Your Friends on Difficult Levels
● Free Play Mode with Daily Challenges and Rewards
● Game Changing Boosts and Power Ups