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Critter Escape! Launches on Bemobi Platform

Two years after the release of the mobile hit Critter Escape!, Kiz Studios is still finding ways to get the game in front of new users. Most recently, Kiz launched the stealth puzzle game on Bemobi, a subscription-based app store that offers carriers, developers and consumers a better alternative for best-in-class Android mobile apps.

Initially available in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, Bemobi gives Android mobile device owners unlimited use of select mobile apps through carriers, providing premium developers with increased long-term revenue based on a recurring monthly payment model.

“Critter Escape! has been a great title for us, and we’re still finding new platforms for the game all over the globe,” said Kiz Studios President, Mark Parish. “Bemobi is a unique service that is still growing, and it gives us a lot of coverage in some really big markets.”

Especially attractive in countries where credit card and debit card penetration is low, Bemobi changes the payments dynamic through its partnership with local and regional carriers. In addition to Bemobi, Critter Escape! is currently available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.