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You42 Gives 100% to Creators: A solution to the entertainment industry’s SOS

Atlanta, GA – Digital entertainment company You42, Inc. has announced its latest offering, You42 Networks, finally giving creators full control over their content. You42 has accelerated its Network-centric design in response to recent turmoil within the entertainment industry. The company states that the updated platform will meet the pressing needs facing the creative world in the wake of industry-wide financial devastation delivered by COVID-19.

Launched in 2018, You42 is a multimedia platform designed to help creators drive distribution, discovery, and monetization potential. “You42 has a unique angle on this industry,” said CEO Chris Moreau. “Based on our own experience as creators for the past 14 years, we built an open-platform that mitigates the inevitable collapse of the entertainment industry, which has only accelerated due to COVID-19.”

In response to the pandemic, creators of all audience-sizes have scrambled to adjust to the new normal. With the traditional entertainment industry now in shambles, where do creators turn? “We find ourselves in a perfect storm. The pandemic has expanded our market considerably, exposing the vulnerabilities that drove us to build You42 in the first place,” said Moreau. “Creators need to adapt. Most importantly, they need to take back control of their content.”

You42 Networks allows creators to bypass traditional distribution channels by partnering with influential creators. This partnership fosters discovery and monetization opportunities for both parties by expanding content offerings and increasing audience engagement. “We believe Networks will revolutionize the way people discover and consume entertainment,” said Moreau. “Furthermore, digital entertainment is riddled with piracy, closing the door on financial opportunities. You42 Networks addresses this issue head-on, giving creators more options to organically monetize their brands.”

With the effects of COVID-19 likely cascading for years, there has never been a better time to reimagine and rebuild the entertainment industry. “The old models have always been inequitable and inefficient,” adds Moreau. “You42 Networks finally gives creators the credit they deserve, ensuring that 100% of revenue from monetized content stays within the community. It’s as simple as that.”

About You42

You42 is a digital entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2007, the company has created videos, animation, music, games, podcasts, and movies, establishing You42 as a globally recognized content creator. By granting full control to creators, You42 is rebooting the entertainment industry, reimagining an ecosystem that optimizes discovery, eases distribution fatigue, and generates new revenue streams. Please contact or visit for more information.