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Earbits Music Levels Up: Music Streaming Now Fueled by Network Discovery

Digital entertainment company You42, Inc. has announced one of the first Networks to go live on the You42 platform will be one of their very own, Earbits Music. You42 has been working hard to reimagine the way fans discover and consume entertainment, and music was certainly at the top of their list. Building off the success of Earbits genre-driven music streaming, You42 has transformed Earbits into a full-blown Network, offering curated music discovery and full multimedia user engagement. The Earbits network will give artists the ability to manage their entire brand, including distribution, discovery, and ultimately monetization.

First released as a free music streaming app, with no subscriptions or ads, Earbits gained a lot of attention from the industry and from fans. With an emphasis on music discovery, Earbits continues to offer highly curated stations that allow listeners to engage with limited restrictions. “As we started the process of standing up Networks, it was only natural for us to launch Earbits as one of the initial offerings,” said You42 CEO Chris Moreau. “I can’t think of a more inequitable industry than the music industry. These artists work so hard and grind day after day trying to get a break.”

As a multimedia platform, You42 Networks promotes category driven discovery across all forms of entertainment. “Music is so much more than just audio,” said You42 President Ashley Johnson. “Today’s consumers demand a full multimedia experience from their favorite artists. They want to get as close as possible, and the Earbits Network allows them to do just that.”

You42 is already accelerating the design and integration of a You42 Live solution to address the ongoing impact of COVID-19. “It was already hard enough for artists to make an honest living and pay the bills. Now this pandemic is crippling the industry,” adds Moreau. “We are not just leveraging our platform to help solve these obstacles. Most importantly, we are offering a fresh approach to artist discovery and consumer engagement.”

About You42

You42 is a digital entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2007, the company has created videos, animation, music, games, podcasts, and movies, establishing You42 as a globally recognized content creator. By granting full control to creators, You42 is rebooting the entertainment industry, reimagining an ecosystem that optimizes discovery, eases distribution fatigue, and generates new revenue streams. Please contact or visit for more information.