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Jiggle Watts Wiggles into Canada for Soft Launch Debut

Atlanta, GA (USA) — Look out world, the S’morasaurus is unleashed! Jiggle Watts, the latest puzzle game from Kiz Studios, has made its soft launch debut. The game is currently available exclusively in Canada on Android devices. This is the first step on the way to a worldwide release later this year on iOS and Android devices.

“We are happy to release our jelly friends into the great land of Canada!” said Lead Developer Eric Robinson. “We’re going to take what we learn from soft launch and keep working hard to bring the Jiggle Watts to the rest of the world.”

Packed with over 90 levels, Jiggle Watts offers a shockingly unique arcade puzzle experience, powered by a cast of cute little jelly jigglers bursting with personality. In addition to Quest Mode, there’s a Free Play Mode with Daily Challenges and Rewards. Also, with the Friend Assist Feature players can request help if they get stuck on a level, or come to the rescue when their friends get in a jam.

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