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Word Duels Launches on iOS

May the fastest fingers win! Exclusively on iOS, “Word Duels” is the new mobile game that turns texting with friends into a competition of speed and skill. Players go head-to-head to see who can accurately type the most words in 30 seconds, and the winner earns rewards and — most importantly — bragging rights.

“Texting is something we all do every day, so there’s a natural competition there,” said Kiz Studios Director of Publishing Craig Albeck. “Word Duels accommodates that competitive nature with fun, intense battles that will prove which of your friends holds the texting crown.”

“Word Duels” features 13 exotic islands and unlimited levels where you can beat dastardly enemies to earn bonuses and rewards. Type fast and you can even “own” certain words on the global leaderboards.

About Word Duels:

Word Duels takes messaging or SMSing friends and transforms it into an exciting challenge, where you battle to see who can type and spell the fastest. Quick bursts of gameplay involve typing words as quickly and accurately as possible, aiming to complete more words than your friends in 30 seconds. Higher scores, special words and boosters all combine to give you moves, which are used to explore the world and its many exotic islands.


● Challenge your friends texting skills in real-time PvP
● Fastest fingers wins the duel, taking texting with friends to a whole new level
● Play across 13 exotic islands and unlimited levels
● Take ownership of special words across leaderboards and challenges
● Unlock power-ups that change the game rules
● Defeat dastardly enemies on each island