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Three You42 Films Debut at 2020 Film Festivals

Film festivals may have gone virtual in 2020, but that hasn’t slowed down You42 Productions. Three You42 features have been making the Film Festival rounds this year, representing a diverse range of genres including documentary, drama, and horror/comedy.

This Land, Our Voices

Synopsis: An anthology film that explores contemporary rural landscapes in America. Each section tells the story of one person’s relationship between their land and their legacy, shining a light on marginalized people across the country.

Maryland Film Festival: After being postponed in May due to COVID-19, the Maryland Film Festival came back in June with a virtual format, allowing film lovers to curate their own festival. This Land, Our Voices was included in a special selection of films entitled Portraits in Place, available to stream from June 12-21.

Camden Film Festival: Founded in 2005, the Camden Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to documentary films. The 2020 festival, which takes place in and around Camden, Maine, will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person screenings, running from Oct. 1-12. This Land, Our Voices will be viewable online throughout the festival.

Bushwick Film Festival: Taking place in Brooklyn, New York, the Bushwick Film Festival receives 1,500 film submissions annually from 60 countries around the world. This year, the theme of the festival is Transformation. This Land, Our Voices will be available for virtual screening during the festival’s Oct. 21-25 run.

Half a Mile Out on the Night

Synopsis: A rambling young woman, stranded in a strange rural town, confronting her own existence while searching for a friend she may never find.

Etowah Film Festival: Centered around the historic Canton Theatre, built in 1911, the Etowah Film Festival went exclusively virtual for 2020. Half a Mile Out on the Night had a Sunday showing on Sept. 13. At the conclusion of the festival, the film took home the prize for Best Feature.

Dead by Midnight: Y2Kill

Synopsis: Dead by Midnight is going viral with Y2Kill! This followup anthology to 2018’s Dead by Midnight (11 PM Central) features a new host, The Temptress of Terror (Hannah Fierman, VHS, St. Agatha). Not ready to give up the reigns, the Mistress of Midnight (Erin Brown, Masters of Horror) begins interfering during the show’s increasingly deadly commercial breaks.

Atlanta Film Festival: While virtual screenings dominated most film festivals in 2020, Dead by Midnight: Y2Kill received a live showing at Dad’s Garage Drive In on Sept. 20 as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. This preview was the debut showing of the five-part horror anthology. To find out when you can watch Y2Kill, follow You42 on Instagram.