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Pastor Canton Jones Launches CJW Network on You42

Grammy-nominated singer Canton Jones is expanding his groundbreaking Free Life Experience ministry with the launch of a new online content Network. Powered by the You42 platform, the Canton Jones World (CJW) Network features live musical performances, podcasts, praise and worship videos featuring Canton Jones, his co-pastor Ramona Jones, and other members and friends of the Free Life Experience.

“Entertainment plays a large role in our ministry,” said Canton Jones. “We engage young people from a positive perspective, building a culture that can help them in all aspects of their lives. Now that the CJW Network is live, they can connect with that culture 24/7.”

Headquartered south of Atlanta, the Free Life Experience ministry provides non-traditional hip-hop services, concerts, and city takeover events that bring Jones’ unique message to places around the country. The movement welcomes young men and women without judgment, giving them a sense of community and shared experience based on the word of God.

“If it’s presented to them, so many young people are drawn to a vision of hope,” said You42 President Ashley Johnson. “Canton and Ramona have been spreading that message for years to people who don’t always get a chance to hear it. That’s why we’re so glad that the CJW Network has found a home on You42.”

Staying true to the mission of the Free Life Experience, the Network will strive to amplify the voices of Black youths, as well as others who may feel left behind or disenfranchised. Members and supporters, as well as groups with similar missions, will be able to join the Network with their own Channels, posting uplifting content, telling stories, sharing their talents, and just having fun.

“We don’t care if you’re an ex-gang member or an ex-convict,” added Canton Jones. “You’ll never be judged because your clothes are baggy or you’re not wearing a suit. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’re always welcome to join our community and walk with us in the word of God.”

To join the Free Life Experience movement, check out the CJW Network, only on You42.