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MoJo VC LLC. launches Kiz Toys, Inc.

Today, venture capital group Mojo VC LLC. launched its brand-new toy company, Kiz Toys Inc. This company will develop innovative toys that push the technology boundaries of toy industry while also focusing on product and Internet safety.

Kiz Toys is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Chris Moreau and Ashley Johnson. Both men shared concerns about
children’s safety on the Internet and the safety of the toys that were in the market, most of which were imported
from China. They set out to find a way to allow children to interact in digital environments and take advantage
of emerging technologies without the fear of online predators or questionable content.

“This company is a chance for us to really make an impact and change the way kids interact with new
technologies,” said Johnson, who brings with him an architectural design background. “By using toys as a
vehicle for the technology, and by stressing safety, we can really make the digital landscape of the future
accessible to a large number of children.”

The first step toward the formation of Kiz Toys was the establishment of MoJo VC LLC. in early 2007. Through
this newly formed venture capital group, Johnson and Moreau began looking for ways to bring innovation to the
toy industry, which has one of the lowest innovation rates in American industry.

“This really is a dream come true for me,” said Moreau, who has served as CEO of several technology &
consulting firms throughout the U.S. and is the former Chief Technology Officer of Blockbuster Entertainment.
“Kiz Toys allows me to take my technology background and apply the same principles to the toy industry. With
our focus on technology, we plan to be leaders in innovation in the toy industry for years to come.”