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Little Bigfoot Heads Down Under in “Way Outback” Update

Epic adventure awaits with “Little Bigfoot,” the mobile game where you use stealth and guile to collect and play with a host of mythological creatures. Currently available in open beta on the Google Play App Store and in select countries on iOS and Amazon, “Little Bigfoot” has added a new character, the pudgy yet swift Yowie, as well as the the “Way Outback” world map.

“G’day mate! Alright, I immediately regret that opening… you’re going to edit that out, right?” said Atlanta Studio Head Eric Robinson. “Anywho, if you’ve always wanted to munch on some cute little Koalas and Kangaroos but couldn’t afford the plane ticket, this is your game.”

The latest update also brings three new purchasable crates to the shop, as well as new tooltips and some bug fixes. This follows a recent, massive update that added three new characters – Old Yellow Top, the Urayuli, and the paralyzing Slenderman. Also added were new level maps, global leaderboards, social sharing, a card collection system for unlocking new species and unique passive abilities including invisibility, speed and decoys.