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Kiz Toys receives great response at SCAD Career Fair

Kiz Toys executives continued recruiting for the company’s Creative Studio in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, April 4 at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Career Fair. The company’s top executives, including CEO Chris Moreau and COO Ashley Johnson, were present at the booth to conduct onsite interviews with perspective applicants.

Students lined up to get a chance to sit down and talk with a Kiz Toys executive and to present their work and
demo reels to Kiz Toys. Fields of expertise included 3D modeling and animation, illustration, product design,
graphic design, game development, 3D texture and lighting and Flash animation and programming, and Kiz
Toys was looking for both full-time and internship applicants.

Well over 100 companies and institutions were represented at the fair, which was held at the Savannah
International Trade & Convention Center, and Kiz Toys was one of the main attractions. Companies such as
Pixar, Activision and Turner Broadcasting were in attendance, and Kiz Toys joined these big players as one of
the four busiest booths throughout the day. The Kiz Toys team stayed over an hour after the fair was scheduled
to wrap up, with three separate interview stations operating at once, so they could accommodate all of the
students who were in line.

“The response from the SCAD students was great,” said Moreau. “There is an amazing pool of talent at this
school, and we got to see a lot of it firsthand today. These young artists and programmers are the factor that will
make our Creative Studio a world-class department.”