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Inklings Mixes Word Game Fun with Candy Craving Madness

Quick wits and fast reflexes are the name of the game in Inklings, the latest release from Kiz Studios. Recently released worldwide on iOS, Android and Facebook, Inklings features cute little ink droplet characters, aptly named Inklings. These little balls of energy love candy, and it’s up to YOU to satisfy your Inkling’s sweet tooth.

To win candy you’ll need to spell words using letter-filled ink droplets that are pouring out of the overhead pipes As you complete each word, the candy moves closer to your Inkling. Spell words fast enough to win the level and a sweet treat. When you feed your Inkling the right amount of candy they’ll have a Sugar Rush, giving you unlimited play while time lasts.

“Inklings is pure fun,” said Kiz Studios Director of Publishing Craig Albeck. “It’s a really simple word game, but it can suck you in for hours. I’m getting a Sugar Rush just thinking about it.”

Inklings features a Single Player (offline) Mode where players can hone their skills in levels with increasingly difficult challenges. Then they can jump into Multiplayer Mode, going head-to-head against other players in a real-time mental tug-of-war to see who can spell the highest scoring words and feed their Inkling first!

Inklings Features:

● Easy-to-learn word game
● Simple drag-and-drop controls
● Players grab falling letters to spell words
● Single player (offline) mode with engaging challenges
● Multiplayer for head-to-head competition
● Cute little Inklings who love candy