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Rapper ReeMarkable Brings Talent, Vision to You42

Adding to its growing lineup of hip hop talent, Atlanta-based digital entertainment company You42 has partnered with rapper and reality star ReeMarkable. Available exclusively on the You42 platform, the new ReeMarkable Life Network features music and more from ReeMarkable, as well as Channels from other creators representing film, health, fashion, food, and everything in between.

“I’ve got a lot of love for Atlanta, my hometown, so it’s great to be working with an Atlanta-based platform like You42,” said ReeMarkable. “With this new Network, my fans will have one place where they can keep up with everything I’ve got going on, from music to fashion to life in general. If I’m doing it or into it, then it’s represented.”

Known for her hit singles “Don’t Stop” and “Big Racks,” ReeMarkable has been writing songs since her youth. Her connection to music runs deep, going all the way back to her father, the legendary rapper and music industry icon Eric “Eazy E” Wright. Her hip hop roots were explored when she opened a window into her life and career, starring on Season 3 of the TV series “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

In addition to content from the artist herself, the ReeMarkable Life Network will also include Channels from her collaborators, friends, and associates. Featured Channels include Quron Booker, a New York-based creator whose video series “Living in Color” creates a space for people from the BIPOC community and beyond to tell their stories in their own words, allowing them to speak their truth. For a spiritual perspective, creator Chinya Ani hosts the “Lotus Tea Talks,” a podcast that takes listeners on a journey of awakening and healing. And on the fashion front, the Top Notch NME Channel specializes in high-end streetwear, featuring unboxing videos of some of their hottest products.

Other genres covered on the Network include food with the You See the Flavor Channel featuring Chef Marlo, music with Morgan Mimosa, and beauty with Dolled by Dej.

“ReeMarkable brings a perspective to You42 that is completely unique,” said You42 President Ashley Johnson. “With her it’s the whole package—talent, personality, perseverance, her story. Add to that her legacy connection to one of the towering figures in Hip Hop, and ReeMarkable is truly a force to be reckoned with.”

To see more from ReeMarkable and all of her Channel partners, head to the ReeMarkable Life Network, available only on You42.