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For Players Network Offers a New Game Plan for Athletes: Recruiting, Engagement, and NIL

You42’s Network lineup continues grow with the addition of the For Players Network (4PN). 4PN is a sports media company that empowers athletes everywhere through editorial content, commerce, and video highlights, with a focus on the recruiting process and the new National Image and Likeness (NIL) law, which allows young athletes to build and market their brands.

“Every town across the country has its own star athletes,” said 4PN founder Keil Moore. “A high school quarterback in Mt. Laurel, NJ may have more local brand equity than an NFL star. Our goal is to help young athletes maximize their potential on and off the field, whether that’s signing to a great school or partnering with local businesses.”

By providing its own editorial content, 4PN recognizes that sports culture goes way beyond the field. In addition to video and recruiting features, the Network will offer reporting on emerging trends that affect the lives of athletes, everything from fashion and sneakers to food and music.

“No matter where you are in the world, sports play a huge role in the culture,” said You42 CEO Chris Moreau. “Talent and hard work can go a long way, but to become a superstar you have to be noticed. 4PN is working to provide that exposure, using the You42 Platform to help athletes grow and monetize their brands through digital content distribution.”

By embracing the social aspects of the video format, 4PN will give athletes a unique chance to showcase more than just their on-field talents. Behind-the-scenes videos can provide an inside glimpse at training routines, food regimens, pre-game rituals, and what goes into picking the perfect game day outfit.

“In the age of social media, fans want to know about the person, not just the athlete,” added Moore. “Don’t get me wrong–stats and highlights are important. You’ll find plenty of insight on 4PN, but you’ll also find a lot of personality. That’s what it takes to succeed in today’s game, and that’s what we’re offering to the next generation of athletes.”