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Conscious Content Network on You42 creates awareness and hope for those suffering from trauma

Digital entertainment company You42, Inc. is announcing a partnership with Conscious Content Collective, a decentralized, international award-winning media company focused on education and awareness of mental health and well-being. Through the Conscious Content Network on the You42 platform, they are building a community of creators around diverse issues like healing from trauma, environmental and animal advocacy, and the visual and digital arts relating to humanity and healing.

“Issues surrounding mental health aren’t just individual, they’re universal,” said Conscious Content Co-founder and President Kimberly Resch. “Those connections will only be strengthened through the new Network and its channel participants.”

The idea of bringing like-minded creators together for a common cause is a natural extension of Conscious Content’s collective spirit. Through a variety of mediums, this diverse group of creators will join forces to spread a mission of hope, speaking out and helping those in need through a shared vision: They are a light in the darkness for those who need it most.

“In this time of global uncertainty and dis-ease, people need to relieve stress and require tools to proactively traverse the current state of the world,” said Brian Ross, CEO and Co-Founder of Conscious Content. “Many people don’t realize their current reactionary experiences are a direct result from childhood trauma, realized or not. We are using this Network on You42 to amplify the hope and healing a person or community is capable of.”

Those who experience life’s challenges and want to heal will find a supportive tribe on the Network. The Collective is providing a voice for those who don’t have one through five full-length documentaries, short films, behind-the-scenes content, and podcasts. Projects include the global award-winning films “Light in the Darkness: Living Well After Trauma” and “Rescue Story: Saving Companion Animals,” produced in connection with Shaman Motion Pictures and Max Hauser Media.

“For years, the Conscious Content Collective team has been tackling important issues that aren’t always easy to talk about,” said You42 President Ashley Johnson. “By opening that dialogue, they’re finding ways to bring healing to those affected by trauma. Through the growth of their Network community, they’ll be able to effect even more positive change.”