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Boondocks Takes Center Stage: Famed Venue to Launch Network on You42

Digital entertainment company You42, Inc. has officially announced its newest partnership with the nationally acclaimed Boondocks music venue in Springfield, Illinois. An ACM award winner for Nightclub of the Year, Boondocks has established itself as a premiere mid-cap venue for country music artists, hosting legendary acts like Dwight Yoakam, Joe Diffie, and Florida Georgia Line.

The Boondocks Network will focus on the experience of live music, giving fans unprecedented access to the artists, the performances, and everything that goes on behind the scenes. On the Boondocks Network, small-cap venues from around the world will be able to showcase their content, reaching new fans through their own curated Channels.

“COVID-19 has decimated live music venues across the country. Many of them may never fully recover,” said You42 CEO Chris Moreau. “The Boondocks Network will be a gamechanger for these small venues, helping them extend their reach beyond the traditional limitations of their physical locations.”

Boondocks founder Carole Keating says You42 offered the best solution for replacing lost revenue potential after the pandemic shut down ticket sales. “Ticket sales will no longer be limited by our club’s 9,000 square feet,” said Keating. “You42 puts us in front of a global audience, so the sky’s the limit. The Boondocks Network already has a full calendar of national touring acts that are anxious to get back to work. The shows will go on!”

You42 is already accelerating the design and integration of a You42 Live solution to address the ongoing impact of COVID-19. “We refuse to sit back and wait for things to go back to normal,” added Moreau. “That’s why we have taken such aggressive actions to bring forward a viable solution. We aren’t just about leveraging our platform to help solve these current challenges. We want to create a better solution that improves the old system and puts the control back in the hands of the creators and the venues that support them.”

About You42

You42 is a digital entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2007, the company has created videos, animation, music, games, podcasts, and movies, establishing You42 as a globally recognized content creator. By granting full control to creators, You42 is rebooting the entertainment industry, reimagining an ecosystem that optimizes discovery, eases distribution fatigue, and generates new revenue streams. Please contact or visit for more information.